One Year Vet Check

Since you all are new to Theo’s story, it’s important to share that he wasn’t dealt a great hand when it comes to his health. We have had some serious scares with GI problems, one that sent him to the ER for a night with severe dehydration. Theo has been on a limited ingredient, grain free, gluten free, soy free, corn free diet for almost 6 months and takes a daily probiotic. It finally seems like we have his stomach under control, but I am always nervous. That’s why his one year check-up at his vet was so important.

We were really lucky to have found an amazing partner with Rittenhouse Veterinary in Philadelphia. Despite drawing blood, two shots, and a scary tabletop, Theo made it through his appointment with only one cry. Unfortunately the side effects to his two shots were a bit stronger than expected, but nothing out of the ordinary. He has been having a tough time with stairs, and hasn’t been able to sit, but his spirits are high and he’s been loving all of the attention!


  1. Poor baby. It sounds like he’s a lucky guy to have you for his owner. I had s pup for 12 years that we struggled with his colitis. So many diets, trips to the vet. But they are our kids. Best of luck he will get better with all the attention🐶💞

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