Pupjoy Review

I ordered Pupjoy’s quarterly delivery of their box, and Theo is now convinced any package that arrives at our house is for him! Pupjoy lets you build your own box and customize it for your dog’s needs, from his size, to his chewing strength.cc9fedaec5fd4fc09add854f1f90e6af.png

We’ve received a few boxes now,  and Theo’s favorite part is by far the treats. I try to give him grain free/high protein treats to keep him trim. The steak jerky has been a huge hit! He gets a little piece every time he comes in from doing his business, and a whole chunk if he’s been a good boy (which is always, but I’m biased).


Some of the toys did not survive Theo’s chompers, not because they weren’t sturdy enough, but because Theo is a sneaky devil and pulls toys apart at the seems by biting threads until the whole toy falls apart. Luckily there is always a super sturdy toy that can survive even Theo. His favorite is the Can Toy. I fill it with treats and he goes to town for the next hour trying to chew through the tough rubber to get to the toy. It’s still standing after 8 months!

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