PrideBites Review

CapturePrideBites allows dog owners to easily and affordably customize toys, treats, beds, and other human products with your pup’s name and even a cute drawing of his face, which they provide for free. There are always sales and discounts on products, and a great rewards program for their loyal customers!

If your dog is anything like Theo, then you’ll understand how quickly we go through toys in our household. It doesn’t take long until there is a hole in the fabric and stuffing flying all over the room. Even the so-called “indestructibles” are no match for Theo’s chompers. I was hesitant, to say the least, to purchase a toy online without being able to feel it first and make sure it was worth it.


For his birthday, PrideBites sent a great discount code. Falling right before Christmas, I purchased the Gingerbread Man, hoping this would keep Theo from crying each night as I tried out new cookie recipes (to no avail, but he is nothing if not his mother’s child). The toy arrived quickly, and just in time for Christmas! I was immediately surprised by how sturdy the toy was. Theo goes right for seams and threading and pulls them out, but the foam stuffing made it tricky to get his teeth around! Its march and is still alive, unlike most of his other Christmas gifts.

I would highly recommend these toys, even to a strong chewer!

Click here to check out their awesome products and use my code “Theodelphia” for 20% off!






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